Who is the Worst Person in Western-eros?

After each episode of Game of Thrones, the online magazine Slate asked “who is currently the worst person in Westeros?” “Westeros” is the fictional continent whose throne everyone was fighting over on HBO. 

“Western” is the shorthand everyone in Bellingham uses to refer to our community anchor, Western Washington University. My former employers at the Washington Attorney General’s Office hired me to serve as Western’s chief legal advisor, then spent the next year abusing and discriminating against me. (Here’s a link to the complaint in my pending federal court lawsuit against the State and its representatives.)

When I’d made enough progress with PTSD to share some of the stories about my experiences, I decided to borrow Slate’s framing device. Stay tuned to see who will ultimately be crowned as the Worst Person in Western-eros…. 

 Episode 1, "Intended Consequences: Belina Seare?" (9/19/17)

          Episode 2, "Mapping Mistakes: Shane Esquibel?" (11/17/17)

 Episode 3, "Xenia at Work: Rob Olson?" (1/3/18)

 Episode 4, "Humble Bureaucracy: Christina Beusch? (1/13/18)

Episode 5, "Confirmation Bias: Michael Shinn?" (12/19/18)

Episode 6, "Unrighteous Dominion: Kerena Higgins?" (7/8/19)

Episode 7, "Passive Aggression: Sarah Reyes?" (7/9/19)

Episode 8, "Bar Discipline: Kari Hanson?" (7/10/19)

Episode 9, "7-Eleven Law School is Accredited!:  Suzanne LiaBraaten?" (7/11/19)

Episode 10, "Me Too, Bruce":  Bruce Shepard? 

Episode 11, "Worst Lawyer Ever? Jeffrey Grant"

Episode 12, "... and be a Villain":  Bob Ferguson? 

Episode 13, "All-Star Finale"

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