Monday, December 18, 2017

Star Wars Life Lessons

1977 Star Wars aka A New Hope 
"I am a Frustrated Idealist."  (INFP, obviously. Luke is the hero.)
1980  The Empire Strikes Back
"Everything is more complicated than you thought." 
1983  Return of the Jedi

"Go ahead, dude, delude yourself. But you know you’re settling."
1999  The Phantom Menace
"Life is a series of soul-crushing disappointments. With the rare and guilty pleasure of a fun speedster race."
2002  Attack of the Clones
"I am codependent. Just like a moth drawn to a flame, or Charlie Brown to Lucy's proffered football, I never give up hope that this time is different and life won't bring another soul-crushing disappointment."

2005  Revenge of the Sith
"But I also have PTSD. So I'm blessed with no memories whatsoever of either traumatic encounter."
2015  The Force Awakens
"I am such a dad." 
2016  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
"I realize good stories may turn out to be tragedies."
2017  The Last Jedi
"I am an amazingly well-adjusted failure."

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