Roger's Plague Journal

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I'm trapped by pandemic in a house with three kid, two dog, and inadequate Wi-Fi.
At least the public schools and the Canadian border have finally reopened....

"Un Canadien Errant"  (4/8/21)

"Statistics 101"  (10/27/20)

"Rescue Me"  (10/25/20)

"Unanswerable Questions"  (9/29/20)

"Keep Breathing"  (9/15/20)

"Good Friends"  (9/8/20)

A New Hope  (9/1/20)

Just Breathe  (8/18/20)


Coltrane Plays the Blues  (5/20/20)

 Life's A Beach  (5/12/20)

                Buster is the Weakest Link  (4/19/20)

  Least Gay Great Day Ever  (4/15/20)

   Peak Mount Baker  (4/10/20)

   "Ordinary" Medicine During a Plague  (4/7/20)

Common Tragedies  (3/17/20)

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