Monday, August 19, 2019

Oliver's Greatest Hits

We met Oliver at a daycare in Marysville before he was two years old, when he was still in the foster system. From the very beginning he was "Papa's Little Boy." I fought for him when his adoption fell through, and when life seemed to be falling apart around us. So far Oliver has taught me about video games, cars, sports, and horror movies. I can't wait to see what middle school will bring next week....

"Shazam" (4/21/19)

"Our Family" (1/16/19)

"Adoption Stories: How Oliver Got His Name" (3/3/18)

"Shooting Hoops with Oliver" (5/13/18)

"Oliver on School" (3/16/18)

"Sure of You" (10/28/17)

"Love is Not a Fallacy" (11/12/17)

Happy Birthday
Love Papa

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