Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Family Colloquy on the Occasion of the First 70 Degree Day of Spring

Today’s Canadian content: 70° F equals 21° Celsius. (25° in Newfoundland.) 

PAPA:                   Rosalind, please come outside and help me with my camera.

ROSALIND:         You don’t make any sense. You’re beginning to sound like Eleanor.

OLIVER:              Have mercy. 

PAPA:                [Patiently explains how he can’t just take a selfie himself because he needs to get his shorts, beard, and sunburn all in the same picture]

ROSALIND:        Eleanor is always taking pictures for no reason, too.


This was the first time in twenty years the Xmas beard lasted long enough to be worn with shorts. A major family milestone, worthy of being preserved for posterity.

However, every picture Rosalind took was useless – they all had Papa’s eyes shut, his mouth open, or both. So we had to wait until Eleanor got home from volleyball practice for a do-over.

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